Startup Insights Special: From Zero to Traction


Calling all Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Start-up Owners & Marketers! Do you have any idea how to go about configuring your Market/Product Fit right for a successful product launch? Can you differentiate between Product/Market Fit and Problem/Solution Fit when measuring your company's customer base? Do you want to Uncover the Secrets Behind:

  • Gaining Traction for your business idea
  • Getting your Product/Market Fit right
  • Launching your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for your target market successfully
  • The latest digital trends in Asia
  • The importance of Sales in Startups

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Practically, product/market fit just means you have a product that the market really loves and can't live without. For many start-ups, finally getting to product-market fit seems like the holy grail. While you're working hard to find the right spot for your own product, or the right product for a market you know well, it's important to keep in mind the indicators of true product-market fit.

About the Speakers:

Steven Ng
CEO, Global Databank

Steven Ng CEO, Global Databank A veteran senior executive in the IT & Telecoms industry, Steven has held various senior management positions in AT&T, Gartner and other leading tech companies. In strategic roles, he has led transformational change to legacy businesses, turnaround underserved markets, and spearheaded numerous new product development initiatives. A thought leader and a change agent, he has developed multiple M&A strategies which resulted in major acquisitions worth $100 million in revenues.

Speaker's Topic: Digital Future

The future will be whatever we make it. Yet the future, so the saying goes, isn't what it used to be. As digital technology rockets through an exponential growth curve, it is fundamentally changing how we live, work and play. Our traditional ways of thinking about the future are not enough.

With digitization driving change at an exponential rate there's only one way to ensure long-term competitive advantage. Be better at seeing the future than everyone else.

In this session, Steven will be sharing insights on:

  • Trends in digital future

  • New business model driving technology adoption

  • Key investments and opportunities in Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables

Adeline Quek
Regional Partnerships Team, GRAB

Adeline gets excited by opportunities to help companies grow via new technologies, human connections, market opportunities and data driven strategies. Having studied, lived, worked and travelled in various countries with both private & public sector work experience, she hopes to be a human connector wherever she is - to bring people and businesses together to make a difference.

Speaker's Topic: From Zero to Traction

Proving Traction, which is reflecting Identifiable Momentum and Progress, is important for any Entrepreneur, especially for those who are turning to early stage investment, but many often skip the step of, or don't know how to achieve the right Product/Market fit prior to doing so.

In this session, Adeline will be sharing strategies on how to:

  1. Get your business ready for the market

  2. Position your product at the right price for your prospective customer base,

  3. Develop and promote your MVP, and on how the current Startup giant she is in, Grab, launches new MVP services.

Adrian Choo

Principal Consultant, A.B.L.E Lab

Adrian delivered training extensively in Singapore and in various countries in the APAC region, guiding and teaching corporate staff from executive to managerial roles. Having forte in Sales Enablement, he is currently a speaker with Singapore Business Federation and Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Speaker's Topic: Why Startups should focus on Sales

Why do businesses fail? Did they not figure out What to sell? Where to sell? Why are they selling it? When should they sell? How do they sell? This is a preview of Lithan's Sales Mastery bootcamp to help equip entrepreneurs the ability to analyse the above questions.

In this session, Adrian will be sharing with us about:

  • Understand your Customers' Buying Journey

  • Crafting Unique Selling Preposition (USP) for your Product / Business Idea

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Thu Jul 21, 2016
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